Dongeng Mistis (2018)

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This omnibus film tell six stories about the terror of six Indonesian ghosts: Ustaz (Kiky Armando) who is tested by Pocong terror; A woman (Putri Ayudya) is visited by Bajang after abortion; The trick of Sundel Bolong against a pregnant woman (Marya Supraba); Investigation of reporter (Gandhi Fernando) about the mysterious Begu Ganjang legend; A woman (Dea Ananda) who finds her father keeping Genderuwo; and a girl (Btari Cinta) who performs the forbidden dance caller Lehak, a damned creature from legend.

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Tagline:6 Directors, 6 Monsters, 6 Nightmares
Genre: BIOSKOP, Horror
Duration: 88 Min
Language:Bahasa indonesia