(English Sub) Affair With A 20 Year Old Female Student (2023)

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Scene 1. (Affair) The woman, who went to her boyfriend’s house and witnessed the scene where he had an affair with a young student, is surprised, leaves without saying anything, and drinks alone. Drunk, she stumbles on the way into her house, but her friend’s brother sees her and supports her. After hearing her reason for drinking, he starts to seduce her by thinking about having sex with her.

Scene 2. (Meeting) A man invites a woman he met through a dating app to his house. Seeing her in a black dress that reveals her body nakedly, the man is pleased and trembles. He then starts to flirt with her, saying that her chest is huge and her face is pretty. The woman also responds by saying that she likes the man’s tall figure. The woman, who has already had many instant meetings through the app, reviews the men she has met. When she said she met a man with a handsome face but a really small thing, the man brags that he does not only have a face but that place is also very big. The woman, who became curious about the man’s thing after he boasted about it, actively caressed the man, saying that she wanted to feel ‘it’.

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