(English Sub) Voluptuous Gangnam Older Sister (2023)

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1. Actress hunting – In an alleyway in Gangnam, Seoul, a passer-by tells a lady that he likes her style and asks her if she would like to try out as an actress. He insists that the woman, who hesitates at his word pornography, go to his office, saying that he will pay a lot for her appearance. Fascinated by his performance fee, she follows the man into his office thinking that she must make ends meet. The man says that she has a Western body type, praises that she is the coolest woman he has ever seen and tries a little bit of skinship.

2. Actress Selfie – A couple is having sex. In the car after sex, the man takes a camera and takes a selfie with the woman. After playing in the stream near the pension, they enter the pension and have sex again.

3. Sex Reveal – An older woman and a younger man couple comes out of the subway. The man takes a camera and starts taking selfies. After returning home, the man installs a camera on one side and tries to film him having sex with an older woman. The man takes a picture of himself in various positions. He turns the camera from one angle to another and shoots hard as if he were shooting a movie.

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