Memories of Tutoring (2018)

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Sejin, a prestigious college student, has a rich and pretty girlfriend, Minhye. Sejin is increasingly irritated with her relationship with Minhye, but she uses a blind date application introduced by her friend Moohyuk. Through the blind date app, she meets a woman who needs to be dispatched. Se-jin, who was neglected and stressed by Seol-hee, accidentally reads her diary while having a meeting with the aim of joking with Seol-hee, and realizes that her first love is herself. Se-jin gets to know Seol-hee’s sincerity and Seol-hee gets better. Then one day, while Se-jin confessed her love to Seol-hee and was dating, her girlfriend noticed her relationship with Seol-hee. But, what kind of choice will Sejin make?

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Tagline:Teacher don’t go! The secret tutoring with the student begins!
Duration: 86 Min

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