PureTaboo 18 02 27 Daddy Diddler

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PureTaboo 2018-02-27 Daddy Diddler – Ashley Adams Subtitle Indonesia

Rachel (Ashley Adams), an 18-year-old virgin, sits opposite her step-father Steve Holmes at the dining room table. They are eating their meal in relative silence with only the occasional exchange of pleasantries. It’s time for Rachel to get ready for bed and he’ll be up to tuck her in shortly. She spreads her legs open and looks back at him. You must check my womanhood. That is what mom would want. I must stay pure. The next day Rachel walks home when her boyfriend Ethan (Logan Pierce) drives up alongside her and head to his house. After a few minutes of kissing, Ethan goes to remove Rachel’s clothes and ends up cumming inside her quivering pussy. Later that night, Steve asks Rachel “are you ready to have your nightly check?” He puts one finger inside of her, then two, then three. There is a long awkward pause as she anxiously awaits his reaction. Slowly, his expression grows confused then extremely angry, “What have you done?”

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