Raunchy Late Night Theatre (2016)

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Choong-shik, who works in a small movie theater projection room in a small town in the province, has an eccentric personality, stupid appearance and messy clothes, and no one likes him. Jung-min starts to show late-night movies at the command of the president and has been seen frequently since one day. The first time he speaks, he gets closer to Jung-min. As he gets closer to Jung-min, Choong-shik feels himself changing, and his appearance changes as well. But it feels like you are out of touch with reality. Choong-cheok ignores those feelings and decides to enjoy the moment. It is because he does not want to miss Jeong-min, who is like an angel from heaven, to Chung-sik, who has been living alone every day since his wife ran away. Chung-sik and Jeong-min are getting closer. What is the end of those two?

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Tagline:A hot night, a hot story begins!
Duration: 71 Min

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