Wife’s Friend Reunion 2 (2019)

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After marriage, the couple Minjeong and Seunghyuk visited by Kwon Tae-gi. The reason is the husband’s way of love too fast (?)! Minjung is always frustrated with her husband who is less than a minute. In the meantime, I heard a good karaoke part-time job from my friend Kyung-hee and started working. On the first day of work, I went out with a customer for the second time, but it turned out that it was Seongju, a friend of my school classmate when I was a child.Seongju tells this to Jingi, a friend of the same class, and Jinki, who had unrequited love for Minjung, runs to see her at once…​

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Genre: 18+, KOREA 18+

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